Our mission at Glooscap Elementary School is to foster an atmosphere of kindness, acceptance and compassion so our students can feel safe to develop the resilience needed to do their best learning, and to grow into respectful and successful community members. 


Principal's Message

Dear Families,


This letter follows my message sent on August 24, 2020, with more information about what our school will look like when students return on September 8th.  We continue to plan for a full return to school. Should we be given direction from Public Health that our learning model must change, we will let you know immediately. We hope this letter, in addition to the details shared with you last week, will help your family prepare. To help your planning, a checklist is included in this letter.


Breakfast Program: The Breakfast Program will look a little different this year, but students will still be able to have something to eat in the morning if they are hungry when they arrive at school. Our Breakfast Program begins on the first day of school on September 8, 2020.  Breakfast items will be “Grab & Go”. Students who would like breakfast will enter the cafeteria by the main entrance in one direction and exit the door on the opposite end. There will be individual items (toast, fruit, yogurt tubes, milk) that students may carry to their classrooms to eat.


Lunch Program:  Our cafeteria worker will be following Public Health guidelines with enhanced cleaning procedures. Following the NS Back to School Plan, students in P-8 will eat in the classroom. Meals will be wrapped and served on disposable plates and delivered by school personnel to each classroom.  The AVRCE has worked with a school nutritionist to create a consistent two week menu that will be used for all of our AVRCE, P-8 schools. The salad bar will not be available, but fresh fruit and vegetables will be served with each meal. A monthly menu will be sent home at the first of the month. The first day that the cafeteria will be open is September 14th. Families will be able to order online using a Google form that will be linked to our Glooscap website or by sending an order form to school.  The cost for meals remains the same, $4.00 for a hot lunch with fresh fruit or veggies and milk or $3.50 for a family rate if multiple lunches are ordered on the same day. Payment can be made by cash in a sealed envelope or by cheque made out to Glooscap Cafeteria. At this time, Pre-payments can only be for a month at a time.


Curriculum and Specialist Teachers:  Students will have the opportunity to engage in all subject areas, although some may look different than previous years.  There may be times when we go outside for specialist classes like physical education and music, so make sure your child is dressed for the weather. There may also be times that specialist classes like physical education, music, and core French are held in your child’s classroom depending on the type of lesson that is planned for the day, and there will also be times that your child’s class will travel to the gym and other specialist classes as they have always done. Resource support will continue and could happening either in class, in the resource room, or other learning space depending on the activity.  Students who travel to the learning centre will continue to do so.  Students will not be travelling to the library, but library books and resources will be delivered to classrooms.  Please know there will be an emphasis on enhanced cleaning when students travel to a different learning space.


If you are interested in learning more about Nova Scotia’s curriculum, visit https://curriculum.novascotia.ca/


Illness at School: Every year as part of your back-to-school planning, we ask families to have a plan in case your child must leave school early, whether due to illness or an unplanned early dismissal. This year following Public Health guidelines, we must send students home if they become unwell during the day, so it is very important that you have a plan to pick up your child at school if necessary. It is also important that we have up-to-date contact information for you and your child’s emergency contact person. Please know that students will not be penalized for staying home when they are sick, have any COVID-19 symptoms, or have been advised by 811 to stay home.  See the attached CoVid-19 Daily Checklist.   


School Routines:  Our regular emergency preparedness plans continue as they normally would. Throughout the year, we will practice emergency procedures such as routine fire drills, hold and secure drills, and lock-down drills.


Communication with school/home:  Please continue to keep the school informed of daily or weekly changes to after school busing or pick-up schedules.  We will continue to accept notes delivered to the classroom teacher but would encourage you to send messages through email at ges@avrce.ca or call the main office at (902)-582-2010.  It is always best to do this before 1:00 PM.  Thanks in advance.   


School supplies:   Students at Glooscap Elementary do not need to purchase their own school supplies.  This year we are requesting each student pay $30.00 and our staff will give them any supplies they require throughout the year.  This is reduced from last year.  Hopefully, all students will have paid the $30.00 fee by the end of September.  The cost of goods has risen due to our current CoVid-19 situation.  If families would like to pay the normal $40 fee or sponsor a child from another family that would be greatly appreciated.  Please help us by paying fees as soon as possible. If you require a payment plan, please contact us to discuss alternative payment arrangements.


Clothing and Indoor footwear:   During inside class time, students are encouraged to wear indoor sneakers so they are prepared for physical activity.  If purchasing new sneakers, please look for non-marking soles.  We go out to play daily.  Having boots for wet days and wintery, cold days will help your children be more comfortable during play.  Labeling of clothing and personal items is important.  Putting your child’s name on a tag inside jackets, sweaters or hoodies and boots will help identify lost items. 


We know back-to-school time is a very busy time for families. This checklist may help you prepare:


O  Know where your bus stop and what time the bus comes
(many routes changed over the summer, so double-check at https://transportation.avrce.ca or by contacting transportation@avrce.ca or 902-538-4641)

O  Dress for the weather – classes may be held outside

O  Wear a face mask (everyone on the bus; Grades 4-9 in common areas, hallways, and when physical distancing is not possible. Two reusable face masks will be provided)

O  Help your child understand and practice good hygiene techniques, including proper hand washing, how to put on and take off a face mask, coughing/sneezing into a tissue or their elbow, etc.

O  Consider packing a reusable water bottles

O  Have a plan and a back-up plan in case your child becomes sick at school

O  Be ready to help make 2020-21 a memorable year! J


We will continue to stay in touch with you when there is new information to share. In the meantime, if you have questions that aren’t covered here, the provincial Back to School website includes an extensive “Frequently Asked Questions” list that may be helpful, as well as posters and videos on topics like proper hygiene techniques. Please see novascotia.ca/backtoschool for more information. As always, you are welcome to get in touch with me if you have questions about your child’s needs and experiences at school.


Also, we ask for your patience as we all settle into school routines, especially around busing. There have been changes to bus stops and routes since last year, plus system-wide busing for Pre-Primary is new this year.  Just like any other school year, delays and adjustments can happen in the first few weeks of September, so your understanding is appreciated.


On behalf of everyone at Glooscap Elementary School, we are excited to welcome your child back to school soon, and we thank you for working with us to help students feel as confident and ready as possible.




Lorne P. Guy